Client: The Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust

Nature of Work

E.D. Hill Surveying Company worked with OCWUT to develop a recreational master plan for Lake Stanley Draper. Located in the southwest quadrant of Oklahoma City, the development of a master plan for the lake reservation presented many challenges to E.D. Hill.

The plan envisioned a natural parkland within a growing urban area. With no existing “front door” to the lake reservation, one goal of the master plan was to increase the availability of Lake Draper to the citizens of Southeast Oklahoma City as well as, increase the visibility of the lake from the Interstate highway directly to the north. Considerable effort and mitigation was necessary in creating this entrance for several reasons. One was the current utilization of the North Shore of the lake by motorcyclists and their reluctance to relocate, while the other being apprehension of some to develop the lake shore even for recreational purposes.

The master plan called for improved recreational facilities, access for both vehicles and pedestrians, and a commercial/convenience facility at the North entrance. The West Shore area is planned to integrate the existing ranger station with a marina, concession area and new swimming beaches. The South Shore area is dominated by the Lake Draper Dam. The low area behind the dam is planned for nature trails. The East Shore of the lake is going to incorporate the existing open space together with a primitive park area.

In continuing the concept of maintaining a balanced perspective between recreational development and the environment, the essence of maintaining the natural beauty of Lake Stanley Draper was to be upheld throughout the Master Plan.