Client: Charles S. Givens Interests, Inc.

Nature of Work

E. D. Hill was retained by Charles S. Givens Interests to develop a master plan for Waterford. Located at the Southeast corner of N.W. 63rd and Pennsylvania, the site was formerly the location of the Baptist Children’s Home. A planning team comprised of the developer, his in house architect and a traffic planner worked to develop a plan that was not only unusual but quite functional as well. The development comprised a hotel, office complex and highend condominium homes all accessing off a new commercial boulevard.

At the corner arterial intersection of N.W. 63rd and Pennsylvania the team proposed a unique park like area which functioned as a location for a significant public art sculpture. Additionally, the plan envisioned a pond that not only functions as quality open-space but as a storm water detention facility as well.

As a part of the planning process for Waterford, the plan team developed a strong visual presentation comprised of large scale color maps and a 13 minute video presentation. The visual element of the planning process was important because it provide the vehicle for the many interested nearby residents of affluent neighborhoods the opportunity to envision the plan proposed. Many of the quality development improvements came as a result of the consensus which was formed with the plan team, the developer and the surrounding neighbors. The E. D. Hill team was instrumental in coordinating the neighborhood consensus reached on this project.