Client: Quail Creek Development Company

Nature of Work

E. D. Hill planners worked with local developer John W. “Jack” Johnston to construct an overall master plan for the Quail Creek development. The 1400 acre Quail Creek development was begun in 1960 and has continued to develop into the 1990’s with Section 5O, Quail Creek currently under construction. The continued involvement of the E. D. Hill plan team throughout Quail Creeks’ thirty five years of growth has insured that the development has not compromised the character originally envisioned.

The E.D. Hill team planned most every type of residential use in the Quail Creek residential area including luxury single family homesites, duplexes, town homes, mansion homes, condominiums and apartments. Additionally, E. D. Hill created the original golf course layout for Quail Creek Golf and Country Club. The seventeenth hole was selected by the editors of Sports Illustrated for their “Best Eighteen Holes in America”.


Client: Greenbriar Management Corporation

Nature of Work

E.D. Hill was retained to implement a community concept for a large 2400 acre development in Southwest Oklahoma City. Through the integration of proper planning, site characteristics and market demand, E.D. Hill was able to develop a master plan for the Greenbriar development.

To insure a balanced and high quality residential environment, this community was planned to meet definite objectives: To provide balanced services and opportunities to meet the needs of the residents, to design an open space community which encourages recreation and pedestrian circulation with an integrated trail system and to preserve, utilize and enhance the natural features of the site, such as vegetation, views and the lake.

Through imaginative planning, this Southwest Oklahoma City development achieved a higher than normal capture rate for the different land uses. Previously untried design concepts coupled with unique land use configurations turned this community into a flagship development for South Oklahoma City.


Client: Charles S. Givens Interests, Inc.

Nature of Work

E. D. Hill was retained by Charles S. Givens Interests to develop a master plan for Waterford. Located at the Southeast corner of N.W. 63rd and Pennsylvania, the site was formerly the location of the Baptist Children’s Home. A planning team comprised of the developer, his in house architect and a traffic planner worked to develop a plan that was not only unusual but quite functional as well. The development comprised a hotel, office complex and high-end condominium homes all accessing off a new commercial boulevard.

At the corner arterial intersection of N.W. 63rd and Pennsylvania the team proposed a unique park like area which functioned as a location for a significant public art sculpture. Additionally, the plan envisioned a pond that not only functions as quality open-space but as a storm water detention facility as well.

As a part of the planning process for Waterford, the plan team developed a strong visual presentation comprised of large scale color maps and a 13 minute video presentation. The visual element of the planning process was important because it provide the vehicle for the many interested nearby residents of affluent neighborhoods the opportunity to envision the plan proposed. Many of the quality development improvements came as a result of the consensus which was formed with the plan team, the developer and the surrounding neighbors. The E. D. Hill team was instrumental in coordinating the neighborhood consensus reached on this project.

St. James Club – Grand Lake O’The Cherokees, Oklahoma

Client: Charles S. Givens Interest

Nature of Work

E D Hill Surveying Co. planners worked with Charles Givens to create these two unique residential resort communities on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees. The developments located on the popular Monkey Island area of Grand Lake are a unusual blend of American cottage development with a home-style community setting. The developments include community facilities such as pools, tennis and volleyball as well as boat and swimming docks on the lake.

The E D Hill team worked with Charles Givens in the field to locate the setting for each cottage by utilizing the natural environment. The dense trees and landscape shorelines provided a unique setting for some of Grand Lake’s most beautiful homes.