Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Clients

W. P. “Bill” Atkinson Enterprises
Dayton-Hudson Corporation
J. C. Penney Realty
Woodmont Corporation

Nature of Work

E. D. Hill was retained by W. P. “Bill” Atkinson Enterprises to develop a Master Plan for Quail Springs. The Master Plan for Quail Springs was a primary driving force in the construction of the North Outer Loop (Kilpatrick Turnpike) along the Memorial Road corridor. A planning team comprised of the developer and E. D. Hill worked to develop a plan that was unique to Oklahoma City. The Quail Springs development comprised all types of commercial and residential development.

The Master Plan for Quail Springs utilized the concept of a ring road around the mall with feeder collectors connecting to the three surrounding arterials. The E. D. Hill plan team traveled to Minneapolis and New York City to work with representatives of Dayton-Hudson and J. C. Penney Realty on numerous occasions.

E. D. Hill planners have continued to be involved with the development of Quail Springs peripheral properties providing services for the following firms: Target, Toys R’ Us, Wolfe Nursery, Quail Springs Cinema, Quail Springs Shops and numerous restaurants.

Central Park – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Client: Michael C. Thomas Companies

Nature of Work

E. D. Hill planners worked with developer Michael Thomas to design and develop first class office communities in Oklahoma City. Developments included seven office towers located throughout north Oklahoma City.

The Central Park development is comprised of numerous office towers with central atrium areas. The development was envisioned as a multifaceted community drawing it’s character from the surrounding area. The E.D Hill team provided land planning, and surveying services for the development. The team evaluated the site and determined the factors which would set the tone and character for the overall development. The result was to merge a business community into the comfortable life-style of the natural setting which is Central Park.

Coles Gardes – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Client: Allen and Susan Coles

Nature of Work

E. D. Hill planners, and surveyors worked with the owners and contractors in the master planning, surveying, design and development of the Coles Garden project from inception thru completion of construction. Located across the street from the Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Coles Garden project includes a botanical garden, recirculating stream, pond and waterfall as well as formal gardens for weddings and receptions. The project includes a multi-million dollar stone structure with nearly 30,000 square feet under roof. The E. D. Hill team was involved with the project since it s inception and, as a result was able to provide the kind of continuity that an expanding project such as this developed during the design and construction process.

E. D. Hill team members provided pre-construction ALTA surveys, PUD zoning, site planning, finish grade plans, utility plans, and drainage for the site. Unusual aspects of the design of this project included a significant drainage area which ran through the building site and was accommodated with a 42 inch storm sewer running underneath the building itself.

Walgreens – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma : Yukon, Oklahoma : Lawton, Oklahoma

Client: BENCOR Development Company

Nature of Work

E. D. Hill planners, and surveyors worked with the developers of numerous Walgreen’s Stores throughout Oklahoma in the acquisition, pre-construction, design, development and post-construction phases for new Walgreen’s stores. Development of new stores often consisted of the re-development of parcels of land and the unique problems associated therewith. Certain sites required detailed drainage studies and storm water detention plans. Other sites involved the relocation of utilities without the disruption of areawide utility services. In all instances value and time constraints were a key ingredient in the development of the properties.

E. D. Hill team members provided pre-construction surveys, site planning, zoning, platting, finish grade plans, utility plans, drainage plans and storm water detention studies for the sites. Site development problems and opportunities had to be identified quickly. The team’s ability to recognize opportunities available for site development and drainage while maintaining the integrity of the overall project were key in the development of each site. The result was a timely, functional, pleasant and attractive plan for each property.

122nd & Penn Crossing –Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Client: B. D. Eddie Enterprises

Nature of Work

E. D. Hill planners worked with the developer to create a community scale commercial center serving this rapidly developing area of northwest Oklahoma City. The master plan included a commercial center approximately 100,000 square feet in size. The first phase of the development included the location for the first Git N’ Go store to be constructed in Oklahoma City.

The E. D. Hill team worked to insure that finished grades for the development would permit all portions of the center to be visible from the intersecting streets while keeping overall grading costs to a minimum. The result was a plan which balanced dirt over the site, minimized the need for expensive storm sewers and provided required storm water detention. The first phase of the development is complete and the second phase is in the design stage.